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Church of God in Michigan

Church of God Distinctives

Although we count ourselves as part of the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ, each group has things that give them a unique "personality" in the broader family of the Church. Here are some of ours:

Church of God History Lesson
A Brief History of the Church of God

A Movement, Not a Denomination
One of the things that sets us apart is our status as a movement, as opposed to a denomination. Practically, this means more autonomy for the local congregations, with our state and national bodies configured more as federations than top-down organizations.

The Church of God does not have "membership" as defined by many of our sister denominations. We welcome anyone in our midst who confesses Christ as Lord. Belonging to our community is usually typified by involvement rather than a document.

The Church of God has multiple levels of organization. The first level is the state level. Our state offices are in Lansing, MI, where our conglomeration of churches employs a state pastor along with several other staff members which serve the churches in our movement throughout the state. In addition, regional pastors oversee and mentor churches on a more direct level. This is an important structure for both accountability and support. The next level is the national level. The Church of God in North America is based in Anderson, IN, with additional staff for accountability, resourcing, and support. Internationally, we connect with the Church of God in countries around the world.