First Church of God

Worship Band

Meet the First Church Worship Band!

Pastor Matt Stone - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Mary Palmer - bass, keyboards
Ralene Dungan- keyboards, vocals
Roger Ferris - drums, djembe
Jeff Switzer - sax, bass, guitar, vocals
Joe Dunn - guitar, vocals
Brenda Lobbezoo - viola
Carisa Tuttle - flute
Michelle Raymor - flute, vocals
Lori Rogers - drums, djembe
Geoffrey Jones - harmonica
Charlie Taylor - shakers

Kim Akkerhuis - vocals
Doreen Akkerhuis - vocals
Kaylyn McQuillan - vocals
Marion Raymor - vocals

Al Palmer - sound 
Gordon Robinson - sound
David Hill - sound
MiSuk Robinson - media
Pat Fisher - media
Noah Dungan - media
Devon Bramen - media

How Can I Help?
If you'd like to sign up to serve in some other way in worship (reading, drama, aesthetics, etc.), email Pastor Bob or Pastor Matt.